Receive $10,000/month of FREE Google Advertising

Google Ad Grants made easy with a monthly subscription plan.

Is the $10,000 grant really FREE?

Yes, qualifying 501 c3 organizations can receive $10,000 a month of Google Advertising for FREE. Imagine reaching millions of people with $10,000 in paid ads each month. 

How do I appy?

You simply use Google’s online application to get approved. They usually review the applications within 10 business days. Access the application process here.

How do I make the ads?

Maintaining the monthly terms and conditions of the ad grant requires a working knowledge of the Google Ad platform. There are numerous educational videos, seminars and classes online. However, we recommend you use a professional familiar with the platform to maintain and manage your grant.

What can I do with this grant?

You could attract more donations, recruit more volunteers or share your mission with people all over the world.

Does my organization qualify?

Not all non profits are eligible for the grand program. Your organization must hold a valid charity status and have a high-quality website. Check all qualifications here.

Are there additional strings attached?

Although Google removed the $2 bid cap, non profits must still achieve at least a 5% CTR (click-through rate). If your account drops below 5% for two consecutive months, your account will be cancelled.

2 Simple Subscription Options

We can help secure your Google Grant and provide ongoing optimization, management and reporting of your account. With our Premium subscription, we take the ad grant to the next level with our custom lead nurturing services.

* Plus a one-time set-up fee of $500

Additional digital marketing services available to active subscribers.

~ Content Creation

Reputation Management

Email Newsletter

Custom Blogging

Call Tracking

Search Engine Optimization

Promotional Emails

Website Management

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