The Modern Marketing Department

Maximize and measure your marketing budget using data, technology and creativity combined.

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What is Modern Marketing?


Data can now help companies make informed decisions about how, where to get the greatest returns from their marketing dollars.


Social media, search engines, pixels, cookies, tags, mobile apps, artificial Intelligence, e-commerce, video channels, augmented reality, email automation, geotracking, retargeting…technology is
ever changing. So should your marketing strategy.


Whether you call it Push vs. Pull, Outbound vs. Inbound, Traditional vs. Digital, Then vs. Now, Finding Customers vs. Being Found, marketing has changed. Marketers have to be more creative than ever.

Our Modern Marketing Programs

Our programs utilize data and technology to determine what is working in YOUR industry and put YOUR brand directly where YOUR audience can find it.

Subscription Marketing

What is your marketing ROI?

Whether you want to drive new leads or grow your online presence, we can help. Our monthly subscription program utilizes a combination of modern marketing methods and analytics.

Google Ad Grants

$10,000 in FREE advertising

Google Ad Grants provide qualifying non profits with $10,000 per month in free online advertising. We can help secure your Google Grant and provide ongoing optimization, management and reporting of your account.

REALCO Marketing

Really cool marketing for real estate agents

We help real estate agents increase sales volume and build brand awareness with specialized marketing programs. We offer 4 customized packages that include quality branding, consistent client management, simplified website development and digital advertising.   

Good Buy Home™

You Sell Your Home with Help

Are you interested in selling your own house? How will you reach potential buyers? 93% of home buyers use the internet to search for a home. Our 5-step proprietary marketing program is designed specifically for homeowners wanting to sell their own home.