Level 1- Getting Ready

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First, Determine Market Value

Etablishing a price point isn’t necessarily the only deciding factor on how well your product will sell, but it is the most pivotal decision you will make. Price your product too high, and you’re likely to turn off potential customers. Go too low, and risk painting an unflattering picture of your products worth. Determining market value includes establishing goals, conducting a thorough market pricing analysis, analyzing your target audience and indentifying your competition. 

Then, Increase Your Marketability

Is your product ready to sell? Before you place your product (your home) on the market, you need to make sure it is ready to compete. Similar to training and conditioning for a sports event. The time you invest getting ready will pay off in the end. Look at these interactive, mobile friendly checklists as your customized training program to win the race.

1.) Establish Goals & Timeline

Have a game plan. When do you want to close and what are your selling goals? Understanding the steps along the way that are necessary to reach your goal.

2.) Complete Marketability Self-Assessment

This step-by-step guide on getting your product ready to market will not only make you competitive, it will make you shine.

3.) Complete Disclosures and Inspections

Give your potential buyers all the necessary information upfront to make a purchasing decision. This saves time, money and in some cases is required by law.

Congratulations, you are now ready for the next level.

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